10 Minute Mail

Beat SPAM with the best disposable email service


10MinuteMail has been one of the most popular and heavily used temporary email services since it launched almost 10 years ago in 2006.

Serving over a million users a month, from over 200 countries, with over a million email addresses, I'm proud that 10MinuteMail has helped out so many people.

Hundreds of millions of spam have been blocked from ending up in people's inboxes!

So what are people saying about 10MinuteMail?

Inficone says:
"Of all the set of services tried, 10 minute mail is the recommendedservice". And goes on to praise the Ease of Use, Clean UI, and Intuitive functionality of 10MinuteMail.

Blinklist says:
"10MinuteMail is one of the fastest methods to use when setting up an immediate email address in order to avoid spam from websites that require email verification. As websites could easily sell your address within their lists, this helps you to avoid a barrage of unsolicited messages from anyone purchasing such a list."
They also highlight the ability to reply and forward emails, which are often important! They bring up the security aspect of having a private inbox automatically.
They wrap by saying, "10MinuteMail is one of the fastest ways to create a disposable email address on the Internet." High praise indeed!

ITSM Daily says:
"What a great Idea. Now that I found it I decided to write a 10 minute mail review because I know that it can be really a great tool for many. Don’t forget to bookmark it."
They also provide a nice walk through of why you might want to use 10MinuteMail.

Realty Tech Bytesy says:
"So, I received this offer for an e-book on marketing that sounded interesting, but I really didn’t want to give up my email address to these guys until after I had a chance to evaluate what they were doing. I entered the 10 Minute Mail temporary email address, and with no grief whatsoever, I had the e-book. And, I am glad that I retained my anonymity because the book was one big come on to buy other services. 10 Minute Mail saved me from certain countless spam emails! "
This is a perfect use case of why you'd want to use 10MinuteMail!

Techerator says:
"I can show you how to get important information immediately from sites that spam you and have them never bother you again. How is this done? By giving those pesky sites a temporary email account that expires. That is exactly what 10 Minute Mail does for you."
"Read, reply, forward, 10 Minute Mail does it all."

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