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New Version of 10MinuteMail has Launched!

The new version of 10MinuteMail has been running for a month. First in a limited Beta, and for the past week in full production. I will share some interesting information and statistics here that give you a glimpse into not only 10MinuteMail, but also the world of Temporary Email in general.

Here is a view of the traffic to 10MinuteMail over the past month. You can see it ramp up early on as we start directing a portion of traffic to the new Beta site as an A/B Testing strategy. Then you can see the large jump in traffic once the new 10MinuteMail was pushed fully live. The up and down undulations represent traffic patterns based on the time of day, with the peaks between 9 AM and 11 AM Mountain Time, and throughs at 10 PM to 11 PM Mountain Time.

In that time approximately 950,000 email addresses were given out (mostly in the past week). Over 520,000 emails were delivered, which means a little over half of the people who visited the 10MinuteMail homepage immediately used their temporary email address successfully to avoid spam. That’s great!

Over 1.1 million emails were undelivered. Those are emails that came in to addresses that had expired after the 10 minutes were up. That means that for every time someone used 10MinuteMail to get an email they wanted, they protected themselves from two emails they didn’t want. And that’s just so far, again mostly (over 650,000) in the past week. The more time that passes the spam numbers will increase. The new version of 10MinuteMail has blocked over a million pieces of spam email in the last month. March is on track to block approximately 3 million spam emails from cluttering our inboxes! That clearly demonstrates the value of temporary email solutions, like 10MinuteMail.